The Automated Safety Hitch System: The Best Way To Tow!

"It is not how much you can tow, it is how much you can control and stop that is important!"

~ Bob Zagami

Amazingly more effective braking and controllability.

5th wheel RV trailers • Gooseneck Horse Trailers • Flatbed Goosenecks
Pull gooseneck trailers with your van, SUV, full size, short bed or lifted pickup.

- Increases Braking Power and Stability!
- Safer level pulling for trailer stability
- Increases maneuverability
- Automated attachment to your vehicle
- Level trailer yields better horse performance

Full Hydraulic Vented Disk Brakes -
Additional Stopping Power!

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Nearly 100% US made components. We specify US made steel & Canadian steel.

Enabling Your Vehicle to Pull the Automated Safety Hitch System™

Video from All Around Performance Horse

Axle Steering Indicator Light - Available standard on the Heavy Duty and Deluxe Automated Safety Hitch System

This feature clearly indicates to the driver when the axle is unlocked.