The Automated Safety Hitch™ System – FAQs

• Does your system conform to Canadian and USDOT Certifications?

- Yes!  The Automated Safety Hitch System is USDOT certified, and is in the certification process in the Canadian provinces. Quebec province considers the Automated Safety Hitch System as part of the trailer, and all remaining provinces consider the Automated Safety Hitch System as part of the truck.

• How is backing up with the Automated Safety Hitch System?

- You back up and jack knife with the Automated Safety Hitch System the same as you do with trailers in the bed of the pickup.  There is only one pivot point. The Automated Safety Hitch System literally extends the frame of the vehicle.

• How are the brakes controlled?

The full hydraulic disc brakes of the Automated Safety Hitch System are set when you set the brakes on the trailer with a single brake controller at the driver’s position. The Automated Safety Hitch System automatically integrates the tow vehicle brakes, the full hydraulic vented disc brakes of the Automated Safety Hitch System, and the trailer brakes that are electric or hydraulic.

• What hitch is needed?

Our 3-receiver truck frame extension attaches to the rear underside of vehicle with the same hole pattern as your class 5 hitch.

Do I still have the ability to pull a bumper pull trailer with a class 5 hitch?

Yes. Our middle receiver is certified as a class 5 hitch.

• Can I pull the Automated Safety Hitch System with a lifted truck?

Yes, we can either block up the Safety Hitch axle or we can custom design a truck frame extension interface.